Are you peeing alot? : The BP Meds are working!

Many people never research to understand the dynamic effect that blood pressure medication and diuretics have on their kidney function. The goal is to reduce water and salt concentrations that cause water retention around vital organs, and will lead to heart attack and stroke, specially in people suffering from hypertension. Unfortunately, people complaining about having to take medication are more preoccupied with the inconvenience of multiple bathroom breaks.

Hello! The more you pee, the less water you retain…..the less you retain, the less damage to your arteries, heart, and kidneys. Diabetes and kidney failure are co-morbidities that result from long termed exposure to excessively high blood pressures (normal pressure is 120/80) and water retention.

Bottom line, control your blood pressure, moderate your salt intake, and eat foods that contain garlic or vinegar to better facilitate blood flow and reduce pressure levels. Be proactive with maintaining good #health and #wellness behaviors, and your body will thank you in the long run.

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Eat Clean, Ab Workouts Suck!

I read a wellness article about the danger of abdominal workouts yesterday and I got a little frustrated. There is no way I am convinced that my flutter kicks and leg raises are of no help to getting back my washboard abs that I was sporting 25 years ago. The debate is on against all of this new exercise technology, but I have embraced the suck of ab workouts for the last 30 years.

Compound exercises, like squats, are hugely recommended exercise alternatives to dedicating a complete workout to abs (so much for the 9 minute workout), but I never felt the pain in my abs as I hobbled back to my dorm. I also keep reading about the boring plank, but i will attest to its effectiveness if you can stay focussed. Stopping here with abs, for eating clean is what really matters in burning the ab hiding fat right?

Eating clean puts a lot of guess work into determining what nutrients are best for your body, but due diligence is always key to staying consistent with what works for you.

My spin on the this whole topic is that there is a balance between exercise (the pain’s in finding it) and eating clean to uncover those hidden abs, but eating clean and doing abs BOTH suck until you figure out what combinations your aging body responds to most.

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Tenacity: Turning Bad Starts into Great Finishes

I decided to write about turning the start of a bad day into a great day because, you guessed it, I had one today. We are all one traumatic day from losing our minds, so I don’t care what you think…mental health and wellness does apply. Some would say patience, but tenacity is more applicable under the most trying times.

For those of you who read “The Secret” or watched the movie on NetFlix, you would remember that the universe gives you what you want and returns what you give. Sometimes you never know when you sent out bad energy, nor from where it’s returning, but you do have the opportunity to turn things around as that point. Many wellness coaches will tell you that tenacity, alone with optimism and flexibility, are major keys to success.

If you have a passion for anything, you tend to persevere through most of life’s hardships; however, if you have the tenacity, you are already expecting to overcome the hardships no matter hope long you have to persevere them. You may have heard the term, “easy come, easy go”, but if you have ever read any books by entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, he would make you understand that anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Bottomline: Be tenacious in everything you do, expect for unforseen challenges to surface at times, and have the positive mindset, energy, and courage to reverse the momentum.

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Daria Nepriakhina


Parent Trust versus Health Responsibility : Are You Vaccinating Your Children?

The Issue with Education

Parents are either becoming more educated or more paranoid the more they read. Though many professionals and conspiracy theorists are encouraging parents to forego getting their children vaccinated, we must also think about the pros AND cons of deciding either way. This will depend on their due diligence in researching accredited sources, or basing their opinions on what they read on social media. Hopefully people will read multiple sources before deciding who is more protected.

The Healthcare System Can’t Be Trusted

Reading about minority children becoming autistic after being vaccinated is a hell of a justification for underserved populations being skeptical, but this only adds to the lack of trust low-income communities have in the healthcare system. Parents already feel they receive less attention from providers and perceive the quality of their healthcare to be substandard, because quality healthcare is unaffordable. Vaccinations are still a sensitive topic when addressing public health concerns in the community, but few logical concepts will assist the educated parents in making an informed decision.

Your Decision, Your Risk

Reading the solutions to conditions in negative findings, like vaccinating your child after 36 months, is helpful when schools make it a requirement for attendance.

Many health educators will mention the cause for the greater good and that you risk the long-term health of your child and classmates by not getting him/her vaccinated.

There are some states that allow you to sign waivers, but this will continue be a debate between what is ethical versus what is legal. It appears that social illness, lack of education, and mass school shootings are making the homeschooling campaign very attractive, but being completely objective about everything. Consider all options.

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F*ck Others’ Opinions, Worry About Yourself!

I just saw an interview with the legendary Roxanne Shante’ on YouTube and was inspired by her ideology regarding people who love to hate you. Coming off her recent release of “Roxanne Roxanne” on Netflix March 23, 2018 not only marked an emotional moment for her royal greatness, but for all of us who have an undying love for HipHop. The most intriguing thought, in regard to her biopic and the emancipation coded in her “Roxanne Shante’ factor”, evoked significant lessons to live by.

You must master the thing you love to do most. The ability to be effective at what you do and make life better for others will increase your credibility beyond limitations. The focus on doing you, and not worrying about others who hate you, credits you in being so obsessed with your passion that you never realized the effect your work has on others, until the project is done. Why care if everyone doesn’t like it?

Imitation and ridicule are the greatest forms of flattery. First, you must be in a person’s thoughts before they can determine how you affect them. Second, you must inspire their emotions, positively or negatively, to the point where they act on them and further subjugate themselves to your influence. Bottom line, you have to be doing something to inspire action in others, so be humbled by the attention and seek improve in areas where you can be even more effective.

Pain is in the growth process. You will never recognize areas of improvement when you are only aware of your strengths. Criticism is just information…..you can use it to master your craft, or you can build negative energy around it and risk growing to your potential. People loving you and hating you at the same time is their way of believing in what you do yet holding you accountable to not becoming complacent with your current accolades.

Anyone who has overcome adversity in their lives and created a legacy for many to emulate can insert their name with ‘factor”, but this piece is about confidence, Roxanne Shante’, and the legacy of HipHop that has spiritually moved those of us who grew up with her. I’m not re-writing her story! Go see the movie and enjoy it for yourself. In the lingo of that time, I am not embarrassed to say that I too “was riding Shante’s jock”. Big Ups, Sister!

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Opportunist for Broke: Celebrating Pagan Holidays

As I was looking at all the drunk people at the bar last night, I totally forgot that today was a day off for most employees. Expecting push back on this one, but I’ve found that our capitalistic society thrives off of pagan holidays and can count on religion to not only give us a reason to celebrate, but ostracize those heathens who don’t.

Most people are opportunists for Broke because they are always looking to spend their hard earned money on things that never provide a return on their investment. I am not saying anything new to those who know, but I am singing to a choir of the few who are doing anything about it. These people are usually demonized as atheist elitists who just so happened to be wealthy.

It appears that we are living in times of The #Revelation, but it’s not exactly the disease and pestilence (according to some) we were taught it would be. The transition of wealth is moving to a generation that not only questions everything, but is less religious than “the #establishment” would like them to be. A national study indentified that only 20 percent of the youth population was extremely religious and 5 percent was extremely non-religious. This leaves a lot to be desired among the masses.

Bottom line: Our social-economic disparities are evident, but the #solutionsforchange and #betteropportunities for our youth to NOT be opportunists for broke, is to stop lying to them about these pagan holidays. The majority (75%) of our youth in this country are not buying our “education” anyway, for too many adults are lazy in enforcing the standard and not being transparent.

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From the Marriage Proposal to the Music Career

From marriage proposal to music career is an interesting theme to a debuted music video that ended with the artist on one knee, but also began the journey to pursuing a promising music career that would be cherished as significantly as the long-term commitment he made to his future life partner.

The marriage proposal at a time when @kahsanmusic introduced his debut single “Super Man”, was a significant declaration of commitment to the person and art he loved the most. There is no manual for marriage that will navigate one through the various stages of relationship development; however, there is also desire that the demands for his music will be as great as the love he expressed in his video.

Was the proposal a final provocation for more views? Over 300,000 on YouTube alone may have validated this, but the bar has been set for his next single and video to be released concurrently.

We can only speculate that his marriage proposal initiated the longevity of his career, but let’s all wish Kahsan much success in both his marriage and his music .

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The Nth Year Reunion: Self Evaluation or Redemption?

I have read so many posts about anniversary reunions in the spring and homecoming in the fall that I often wonder why people invest so much effort in holding others accountable for showing up and creating activities to attract people, so they can justify their attendance.

Maybe it’s just that homecoming is a part of traditions that people hold dearly, regardless of who shows up, or it gives them the opportunity to evaluate their journey to success as compared to their old classmates. Whether you seek credibility from others for your accomplishments in life, or are genuinely curious about how your old classmates are living these days, their are psychosocial philosophies in place that are common among anyone whose ever had any apprehension or anxiety whenever they see posts about upcoming reunions.

They are going to prove themselves. To those who not only underestimated their potential, but made them feel insignificant in competing for social acceptance on campus. I believe that the true redemption comes in realizing that your character enhanced the social value of the groups you felt “accepted” by, and that you proved to yourself that you accepted the lifestyle you chose, inspite of validation from others who chose a different path.

They are going to evaluate how well their success measures up to others. To uphold the image that their “followers” had of them and to see how others in their perspective cliques faired in their perspective majors. The philosophy of competing for respect and credibility in corporate America has been a key distractor in those seeking an executive management position in the company, as opposed to becoming a controlling partner in the company.

They are going to find the people with whom they shared fond memories. To know that good friends they had, while developing and preparing themselves to pursue their life goals, had achieved all they desired in their journeys. This is typically the most genuine reason for going, but any shortcomings or feelings of failure will invoke self-esteem issues that will cause the apprehension in attending the reunion (until you are comfortable with your level of success).

The truth, in regard to self-evaluation and redemption, eventually lies in how you perceive yourself in accordance with the accomplishment of your goals. The psychology of peer pressure and living up to the expectations of others still psychologically haunts us after we have ventured out to achieve those goals we told our classmates we would achieve within a certain period of time. Until you learn to live for yourself, learn that your failures are a part of growth, and realize that your real friends back then wouldn’t care, you may never see the need to attend reunions or homecomings because you no longer internalize that there is a home you need to return to.

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Did You Know How Your Body Disposed of the Weight You Lose?’

Learning is a life-long process and you learn new things about what you thought you knew. I read an article today about how the weight you lose is disposed and learned that I only got it half right. Would you believe that it’s not through the bodily functions most of us would think?

Did you know that 80% of burned fat is converted to carbon dioxide and the other 20% into water? That’s right, we exhale the majority of the weight we lose and sweat (or urinate) the rest. It’s a wonder we don’t put all of our weight loss effort into cardiovascular exercise.

There are more alternatives to weight loss, such as diet and anaerobic exercises, but you should consult with a physician and licensed personal trainer before you begin a workout routine for the first time. You have no excuse for not getting in shape. It’s only a breath away.

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The Weaker and Smarter : Premature Death Trends in Today’s Youth

It’s hard to covince the invincible mind that premature death and health disparity is very prevalent in youth today, especially genetically predisposed conditions. A young. 26 year old basketball player, Zeke Upshaw collapsed during a game on Saturday and passed away today. The family will know the cause soon enough, but there is definitely a health concern that young people should consider in observing their own health behaviors.

The message here is that heart attacks are not just for old, fat, or drug addict people. Your diet and physical response to stress and exertion can change without you knowing it. Many young athletes, with access to better healthcare, are discovering heart conditions that they have been competing with through their high school and college years. For example, Michigan defensive lineman Michael Hurst was hopeful to be drafted in an early round, but now he is hoping that he is cleared to play period.

No one is immune to premature death and young people can die from heart attack and stroke, unrelated to accidental overdose. We all are guilty, but do not let a visit to the emergency room be the last time you saw a primary care physician. You must also be mindful of your “eat on the run” diets and water intake. Believe it, or not, energy drinks are harmful and a risk for caffeine overdose in youth who take not getting enough sleep for granted (but you this, right?).

Finally, you may think you are too smart to learn from us “dinosaurs”, but you can bet not listening to us or learning from our mistakes (the hard way) is becoming a fatal mistake in many untimely deaths in the U.S.. The old adage, “A hard head leaves a soft ass” is more applicable today than ever.

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