The “Fruits” of Feminism: An Unjustified Conspiracy

The battle for gender supremacy is a conspiracy to divide and conquer thriving communities and perpetuate conflict by conditioning unwritten gender roles. We men may be scythed by statements that appear to show an intangible superiority in women, but we must internalize them as compliments to being in a relationship with women who believe in the family unit, or see the potential in the team concept to achieving more within a given time frame. I attribute the social disparity in feminism to mental health, but I also attribute the woman’s successes in handling negative precursors to disparity as a compliment to our most primitive nature as men. The genetic position of men, the health longevity of women, and the leadership capability of women in male dominated environments are strong arguments. My position regarding feminism may be an unnecessary exaggeration of the obvious……we are the muscle and women are the true brains of the outfit in more of a complimentary relationship than conflict when we subdue that “monster” called ego.


Women have a lesser genetic disposition than men. They live longer because they have higher social and emotional intelligence and are typically less violent and aggressive than men. These characteristics subject them to less health morbidity because they manage their stress levels better than men. This and other health advantages indicate why women live longer than men.The greater composition of fat versus muscle provides a metabolic advantage for women who will need less energy and use fewer calories to survive. Women tend to take less risks, though they have a higher pain tolerance, but (speaking of sex) they also fare better sexually given the orgasm ratio.


Genetically, it appears that scientists are seeking to prove (or disprove) the possibility of asexual reproduction in humans; however, science has proven that men are more susceptible to X-chromosome diseases (like hemophilia and Alzheimer’s) because we don’t have a second set of healthy chromosomes to prevent expression of these diseases. Testosterone does work to our advantage in the prevalence of lupus, fibromyalgia, and thyroid disease in women, but the debate on mental health diagnosis is reserved to the perception that women will seek help when men will try to deal with mental health issues by themselves.


Women tend to laud their emotional intelligence as a characteristic for being better leaders, but it is still debatable why women have historically ruled in other countries besides the United States. Although there were numerous women leaders from ancient history, 11 countries have had women presidents before America has. This statistic, along with compensation inequality in corporate America, may justify a feminist attitude in this country  The mission of the feminist movement to make this a global issue falls death on the ears of other cultures.


Given the great compliment of female potential globally, it appears that the social issues in America may only justify feminism toward those “powers” that perpetuate inequality in America. Divide and conquer tendencies in this movement have been counter-active to family development of non-European cultures in America, and modern feminism is illogical, unnecessary, and evil in its conspiracy to destroy the commitment between man and women in the survival of the family unit.

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