T.I. : From Trap to Conscious Mind

Implied common sense and logic would assume your growth to be directly proportional to your maturity level, but in these days and times, it’s not uncommon to see a 50 year old man sagging. Coming from humble beginnings to now, you would think a rapper like T.I. would be this example, but it would be a blasphemy to associate this brother with that level of ignorance. A mentor exemplifies a level one aspires, not assimilating the mentee in order to reach him or her.

This is not just about T.I. or his release of the ever conscious, “Us or Else”, but the siginificance of maturation in inspiring your followers to be more conscious of their environment, as well as the consequences of their actions. It is obviously our responsibility to be proactive in assisting our youth (particularly young men) in making “safer” life decisions and showing those who learned the hard way that they can recover.

I was inspired by his documentary in the NetFlix series, “Rapture” and could appreciate the sources he sought wisdom from. In order for you to maximize your sphere of influence, you must temper your foundation with relative, but different, points of view. Being an established brand may have made the mentorship challenge easier, but convincing the youth that you have enough “street credit” to identify with their struggle may becomes an internal struggle you have to address.

Bottom line, you have to be the example you are making and this involves living and thinking at a level that inspires positive change and tenacity in those who are watching you. T.I.’s ability to eclipse the Trap mindset and enhance his Conscious mindset to reach his fans is a prime example of “emancipating” your audience.

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