His New Release: The Next “Club” Banger?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since@kahsanmusic blew the roof off a venue with a rap filled crowd during SXSW. While his team is coordinating his next stellar appearance, Kahsan is juggling the finishing touches of his next thriller “Nude” and planning for a wedding. (Sorry ladies, did you forget about the proposal at the end of “Super Man”?)

How ironic that the coming release of “Nude” (preview at kahsanmusic.com) is not only during the time he is cementing his life partnership, but, when released, the single is also destined to be banging in the “clubs” his ass better not be caught by the paparazzi. (No tea here. My wife isn’t having it either.) The lesson here is that you have to play to various crowds in the music industry, and that you have to assure your better half that s/he can be secure with your growing fan base.

For now, it’s the next page in the consumation of two @Kahsanmusic loves that can only enhance each other. This also presents an example of passions that can thrive in the same vacuum when they are in sync.

Is the release really going to be this big? You will see! Stay tuned for Kahsan’s next coming of “Nude”. I am betting you will hear this club banger everywhere and will forever wonder, “How is he going to follow thus?!”


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