Are you peeing alot? : The BP Meds are working!

Many people never research to understand the dynamic effect that blood pressure medication and diuretics have on their kidney function. The goal is to reduce water and salt concentrations that cause water retention around vital organs, and will lead to heart attack and stroke, specially in people suffering from hypertension. Unfortunately, people complaining about having to take medication are more preoccupied with the inconvenience of multiple bathroom breaks.

Hello! The more you pee, the less water you retain…..the less you retain, the less damage to your arteries, heart, and kidneys. Diabetes and kidney failure are co-morbidities that result from long termed exposure to excessively high blood pressures (normal pressure is 120/80) and water retention.

Bottom line, control your blood pressure, moderate your salt intake, and eat foods that contain garlic or vinegar to better facilitate blood flow and reduce pressure levels. Be proactive with maintaining good #health and #wellness behaviors, and your body will thank you in the long run.

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