Eat Clean, Ab Workouts Suck!

I read a wellness article about the danger of abdominal workouts yesterday and I got a little frustrated. There is no way I am convinced that my flutter kicks and leg raises are of no help to getting back my washboard abs that I was sporting 25 years ago. The debate is on against all of this new exercise technology, but I have embraced the suck of ab workouts for the last 30 years.

Compound exercises, like squats, are hugely recommended exercise alternatives to dedicating a complete workout to abs (so much for the 9 minute workout), but I never felt the pain in my abs as I hobbled back to my dorm. I also keep reading about the boring plank, but i will attest to its effectiveness if you can stay focussed. Stopping here with abs, for eating clean is what really matters in burning the ab hiding fat right?

Eating clean puts a lot of guess work into determining what nutrients are best for your body, but due diligence is always key to staying consistent with what works for you.

My spin on the this whole topic is that there is a balance between exercise (the pain’s in finding it) and eating clean to uncover those hidden abs, but eating clean and doing abs BOTH suck until you figure out what combinations your aging body responds to most.

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