Tenacity: Turning Bad Starts into Great Finishes

I decided to write about turning the start of a bad day into a great day because, you guessed it, I had one today. We are all one traumatic day from losing our minds, so I don’t care what you think…mental health and wellness does apply. Some would say patience, but tenacity is more applicable under the most trying times.

For those of you who read “The Secret” or watched the movie on NetFlix, you would remember that the universe gives you what you want and returns what you give. Sometimes you never know when you sent out bad energy, nor from where it’s returning, but you do have the opportunity to turn things around as that point. Many wellness coaches will tell you that tenacity, alone with optimism and flexibility, are major keys to success.

If you have a passion for anything, you tend to persevere through most of life’s hardships; however, if you have the tenacity, you are already expecting to overcome the hardships no matter hope long you have to persevere them. You may have heard the term, “easy come, easy go”, but if you have ever read any books by entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, he would make you understand that anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Bottomline: Be tenacious in everything you do, expect for unforseen challenges to surface at times, and have the positive mindset, energy, and courage to reverse the momentum.

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Images by: Maximilian Huber

Daria Nepriakhina