Parent Trust versus Health Responsibility : Are You Vaccinating Your Children?

The Issue with Education

Parents are either becoming more educated or more paranoid the more they read. Though many professionals and conspiracy theorists are encouraging parents to forego getting their children vaccinated, we must also think about the pros AND cons of deciding either way. This will depend on their due diligence in researching accredited sources, or basing their opinions on what they read on social media. Hopefully people will read multiple sources before deciding who is more protected.

The Healthcare System Can’t Be Trusted

Reading about minority children becoming autistic after being vaccinated is a hell of a justification for underserved populations being skeptical, but this only adds to the lack of trust low-income communities have in the healthcare system. Parents already feel they receive less attention from providers and perceive the quality of their healthcare to be substandard, because quality healthcare is unaffordable. Vaccinations are still a sensitive topic when addressing public health concerns in the community, but few logical concepts will assist the educated parents in making an informed decision.

Your Decision, Your Risk

Reading the solutions to conditions in negative findings, like vaccinating your child after 36 months, is helpful when schools make it a requirement for attendance.

Many health educators will mention the cause for the greater good and that you risk the long-term health of your child and classmates by not getting him/her vaccinated.

There are some states that allow you to sign waivers, but this will continue be a debate between what is ethical versus what is legal. It appears that social illness, lack of education, and mass school shootings are making the homeschooling campaign very attractive, but being completely objective about everything. Consider all options.

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