F*ck Others’ Opinions, Worry About Yourself!

I just saw an interview with the legendary Roxanne Shante’ on YouTube and was inspired by her ideology regarding people who love to hate you. Coming off her recent release of “Roxanne Roxanne” on Netflix March 23, 2018 not only marked an emotional moment for her royal greatness, but for all of us who have an undying love for HipHop. The most intriguing thought, in regard to her biopic and the emancipation coded in her “Roxanne Shante’ factor”, evoked significant lessons to live by.

You must master the thing you love to do most. The ability to be effective at what you do and make life better for others will increase your credibility beyond limitations. The focus on doing you, and not worrying about others who hate you, credits you in being so obsessed with your passion that you never realized the effect your work has on others, until the project is done. Why care if everyone doesn’t like it?

Imitation and ridicule are the greatest forms of flattery. First, you must be in a person’s thoughts before they can determine how you affect them. Second, you must inspire their emotions, positively or negatively, to the point where they act on them and further subjugate themselves to your influence. Bottom line, you have to be doing something to inspire action in others, so be humbled by the attention and seek improve in areas where you can be even more effective.

Pain is in the growth process. You will never recognize areas of improvement when you are only aware of your strengths. Criticism is just information…..you can use it to master your craft, or you can build negative energy around it and risk growing to your potential. People loving you and hating you at the same time is their way of believing in what you do yet holding you accountable to not becoming complacent with your current accolades.

Anyone who has overcome adversity in their lives and created a legacy for many to emulate can insert their name with ‘factor”, but this piece is about confidence, Roxanne Shante’, and the legacy of HipHop that has spiritually moved those of us who grew up with her. I’m not re-writing her story! Go see the movie and enjoy it for yourself. In the lingo of that time, I am not embarrassed to say that I too “was riding Shante’s jock”. Big Ups, Sister!

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