Opportunist for Broke: Celebrating Pagan Holidays

As I was looking at all the drunk people at the bar last night, I totally forgot that today was a day off for most employees. Expecting push back on this one, but I’ve found that our capitalistic society thrives off of pagan holidays and can count on religion to not only give us a reason to celebrate, but ostracize those heathens who don’t.

Most people are opportunists for Broke because they are always looking to spend their hard earned money on things that never provide a return on their investment. I am not saying anything new to those who know, but I am singing to a choir of the few who are doing anything about it. These people are usually demonized as atheist elitists who just so happened to be wealthy.

It appears that we are living in times of The #Revelation, but it’s not exactly the disease and pestilence (according to some) we were taught it would be. The transition of wealth is moving to a generation that not only questions everything, but is less religious than “the #establishment” would like them to be. A national study indentified that only 20 percent of the youth population was extremely religious and 5 percent was extremely non-religious. This leaves a lot to be desired among the masses.

Bottom line: Our social-economic disparities are evident, but the #solutionsforchange and #betteropportunities for our youth to NOT be opportunists for broke, is to stop lying to them about these pagan holidays. The majority (75%) of our youth in this country are not buying our “education” anyway, for too many adults are lazy in enforcing the standard and not being transparent.

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