From the Marriage Proposal to the Music Career

From marriage proposal to music career is an interesting theme to a debuted music video that ended with the artist on one knee, but also began the journey to pursuing a promising music career that would be cherished as significantly as the long-term commitment he made to his future life partner.

The marriage proposal at a time when @kahsanmusic introduced his debut single “Super Man”, was a significant declaration of commitment to the person and art he loved the most. There is no manual for marriage that will navigate one through the various stages of relationship development; however, there is also desire that the demands for his music will be as great as the love he expressed in his video.

Was the proposal a final provocation for more views? Over 300,000 on YouTube alone may have validated this, but the bar has been set for his next single and video to be released concurrently.

We can only speculate that his marriage proposal initiated the longevity of his career, but let’s all wish Kahsan much success in both his marriage and his music .

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