Did You Know How Your Body Disposed of the Weight You Lose?’

Learning is a life-long process and you learn new things about what you thought you knew. I read an article today about how the weight you lose is disposed and learned that I only got it half right. Would you believe that it’s not through the bodily functions most of us would think?

Did you know that 80% of burned fat is converted to carbon dioxide and the other 20% into water? That’s right, we exhale the majority of the weight we lose and sweat (or urinate) the rest. It’s a wonder we don’t put all of our weight loss effort into cardiovascular exercise.

There are more alternatives to weight loss, such as diet and anaerobic exercises, but you should consult with a physician and licensed personal trainer before you begin a workout routine for the first time. You have no excuse for not getting in shape. It’s only a breath away.

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