The Weaker and Smarter : Premature Death Trends in Today’s Youth

It’s hard to covince the invincible mind that premature death and health disparity is very prevalent in youth today, especially genetically predisposed conditions. A young. 26 year old basketball player, Zeke Upshaw collapsed during a game on Saturday and passed away today. The family will know the cause soon enough, but there is definitely a health concern that young people should consider in observing their own health behaviors.

The message here is that heart attacks are not just for old, fat, or drug addict people. Your diet and physical response to stress and exertion can change without you knowing it. Many young athletes, with access to better healthcare, are discovering heart conditions that they have been competing with through their high school and college years. For example, Michigan defensive lineman Michael Hurst was hopeful to be drafted in an early round, but now he is hoping that he is cleared to play period.

No one is immune to premature death and young people can die from heart attack and stroke, unrelated to accidental overdose. We all are guilty, but do not let a visit to the emergency room be the last time you saw a primary care physician. You must also be mindful of your “eat on the run” diets and water intake. Believe it, or not, energy drinks are harmful and a risk for caffeine overdose in youth who take not getting enough sleep for granted (but you this, right?).

Finally, you may think you are too smart to learn from us “dinosaurs”, but you can bet not listening to us or learning from our mistakes (the hard way) is becoming a fatal mistake in many untimely deaths in the U.S.. The old adage, “A hard head leaves a soft ass” is more applicable today than ever.

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