Is it Healthier to be Obese than Single?

The New York Post published an article August 7, 2017 on a study that indicated single life to be a shorter path to death than being obese. It could be an absurd thought, given the social disparity behind obesity and other comorbidities, but let’s ponder this thought.

From a Social Perspective

We are living in a climate where marriage and #commitment are not popular ideologies where relationships are concerned. Many people believe that living alone is less stressful than living with someone in any type of relationship, but people who still believe in commitment can learn ways to make it less stressful.

From a Physical Perspective

You can argue the effect of stressful relationships making you obese from depression and overeating, or the depression and overeating from loneliness making you obese. This may rest on how well you manage stress or your perception of loneliness. Most of us associate isolation and mental health challenges with older populations, but this psychological ideology has become of interest in studies of suicide in younger populations.

From a Mental Perspective

Suicide is another post, but I have read many responses on social media from people who are comfortable in being single, especially after a bad relationship. The fear and stress behind committing in another relationship may just result in obesity, but I still believe that you have a lot more time to stop being single than you have in living with the comorbidities that accompany obesity.

Final Thoughts?

There are obese people who are happily single because there are people who like their people with a little meat on their bones. From a #publichealth perspective, people who are single may have a shorter life span than obese people because they are more likely to engage in riskier behaviors than eating unhealthy. What’s your final analysis?

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