No Longer Taboo: The Commonality of Mental Illess

Based on my studies, I have always believed that we were all one traumatic experience from insanity, and that PTSD has become the direct result of a violent environment. Given the escalation of violence in the U.S. and global conflicts where diplomatic approach has failed, mental illness had become more common than not. Though many advocates continue to lobby for mental health considerations globally, we continue to justify resulting attributes instead of being proactive.

Where is the research?

Public Health studies continue to prove that mental illness is becoming more common, even among the so-called mentally stable (circa the saturation of mass shootings). Licensing and certifying organizations cannot find enough people who would care enough to even address such a social endemic that is serving notice the hard way. The days of leaving the special needs kid locked away from society is over.

What’s the Common Link?

Many refuse to accept that there is a common link unless they are directly affected, but now global reach has demanded a global initiative.

Where’s the Solution?

There is really no “one size fits all” solution, but I will insist that this is the issue in healthcare delivery between public health (PH) and healthcare professionals. Every individual, community, demographic, and population has its own set of protocols and interventions, but many PH advocates would identify the common source of distress leading to mental health challenges is #poverty.

The Other Sources to Contend With?

Although these contentions are up for continuous debate, we can conclude that #socialmedia, lack of transparent education, and the control of #wealthandresources are key discriminates in assessing the ability of “normal” people to manage stress levels, and the adoption of lifestyles that could combat the traumatic experiences leading to mental illness.

Bottom Line

I am not going to address the atmosphere of #crime and #corruption in our society that appears to have become an accepted norm, especially among those with the political and economic influence to rectify this, but realize that #mentalillness is no longer taboo and as common as any social disparity that we once dismissed as an “isolated” public health discriminant.

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#live well until we meet again!