Why We Continue…

Can you explain why you tolerated certain conditions after you decided to change your #wellbeing? Are you sure, under the circumstances, that you wouldn’t before? We all have internal conflicts between our minds and our hearts, but we also fail to realize that the solution is always the one we #choose to ignore.

When (we believe) the benefits of our perceived “dispositions” outweigh the #costs to changep them, we ascertain the strength to weather the storms. It could be just growing pains or the wisdom to accept that nothing of value comes easy, interaction with people is always a dynamic test of your #totalwellness daily, or your choice of battles needs some tweaking if choose to weather storms.

Why we continue? There is an inherent conviction that we still have not given (or taken) all we can and that success is always on the other side of challenge or controversy. You may form many solutions, but you have the choice to act (or not).

Please follow me and #live well.