Provoke: Decision Point

It is always interesting to patronize the thought patterns to people who love addressing semantics. Words like #provoke can always be taken in a negative or positive context, depending on its usage.  I would rather invoke character or energy from people, but here is my stab….

To Do Good:

This really involves the some type of knowledge of one’s mannerisms and it is always to provoke someone to do good things for other people and by themselves. This gives them the leverage of self-improvement and positive change in the lives of others. You should always want people to #be_better than their former selves

To Be Better:

“Better” is evaluated by final outcomes that typically makes one (or someone else) internalize a good feeling or emotion, but the decision to provoke someone to be better does not necessarily mean they are moving from a bad place or condition. This point is better served to move someone, first, to a point that will result in a different outcome.

To Do Different:  

They say the definition of insanity is to the same thing while expecting a #different outcome; however, to provoke someone to be different in a positive way, that would entail them to leave their comfort zone and enjoy a new experience.

The decision to provoke someone is positive (or negative) based on a desire to help or hinder someone, but there is that profound thing called  #karma that always comes around at them most inconvenient time.


Thanks for Reading….meet you on the next #Level!