The Un-Relationship Trust

Trust is the foundation for a lucrative partnership; however, every break makes it that much harder to repair. It could be fatal to speculate that the amount of value placed on trust is directly proportional to the condition of relationship (foundation).

The truth in trust is more proportional to transparency (which is the joining cement) rather than the value of the entire foundation.

For those who missed the point, for the sake of $20 college words, honesty has always been the best policy no matter what and in any relationship. If you are in a relationship that has no honesty, and you can’t be transparent, you can expect issues the day you decide.

Bottom line, it never hurts to prepare your significant other for an honest opinion. Who says personal growth isn’t a painful transition?

Trust normally builds a relationship, transparency may go either way, but the trust that doesn’t result in a relationship breeds mutual understanding.

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