Reflections of a Perfectionist

Being in control of all things may be considered a character flaw by “sane” people, but have you ever felt the despair of being in a situation where you had no control of the outcome? Do you expect to control the outcome of everything you do?

Life will always find a way to disappoint you when you partake of anything with the expectation to control the outcomes. There’s always a hidden result waiting for you to get comfortable with a condition where you think you are in “control”.

Many may attribute this to an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), but we are not clinical psychiatrists either (stayed at a Holiday Express though).

There are many uncertainties in life that will make you feel less perfect (insert serenity prayer), but a Perfectionist is always looking for contingencies to justify when things don’t go as planned, or they won’t commit him or herself if there is too much uncertainty.

I am not convinced that there is help for a Perfectionist, but I have found that humility will breed compassion and mature people who can grow from the result of unexpected failures.

We all have much to think about when we can get a quiet moment, but it’s always more pleasant to reflect on a better way of doing things before a bad experience forces us to.

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