Bosslady Takeover

Women entrepreneurs are becoming just as prevalent in the world of free enterprise as they are in corporate America, and business relationships with these CEOs have become paramount

How Do You Begin?

Common interest may not be a simple an answer; however, these professionals enjoy casual conversations about their career objectives and future conquests. The key is to just listen….you may get the keys to the ivory tower. When you find a woman who trusts you, don’t betray it and, rest assured, sex does complicate things.

What’s Next?

Network, network, network…her friends are as thorough as she is, but leave your cape at home. The important indicators are their interests in a balance in a work/home lifestyle. If the interest is not there, you will the dice on what you bring to the table. So back to the point of projecting the boss lady takeover.

What’s the Point?

Women entrepreneurs are taking over the business world. Even if you don’t follow my points, you still need a strong business woman in your corner, if you are about your business. The force is getting stronger…you can either leverage an advantage or die with the resistance.