This Is Us?

The social disparity in the U.S. has long been an incubator for classicism, but it appears that the AfWhy We rican American community still has its own civil war to overcome.

The age old adage of the crab in the barrel and the Willie Lynch syndromes still serve as the accepted norm and justification as to why (very few) African Americans will ever get along or own any generational wealth. Once again, mindset is the culprit we strive to address in effort to educate masses that are only concerned about surviving in the now, but this is still the mission.

Why We Can’t Trust Each Other?

We are conditioned by the messages that originate from sources other than personal dialogue. This art of conversation is dying.

What’s A Solution?

Transparency and overcoming the delusion that we have to complete for limited resources. Two losers competing for a consolation prize have still won nothing!

The So What?

Until African Americans learn how to collaborate, instead of compete, we will continue to use the “crabs in the barrel” justification for division. If not with you, then where does the cycle end?

We can only overcome industrial age thinking when realize it takes a village to raise and empower a community and not just the few who “made it”. #Tulsa #blackwallstreet

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